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Super Mario Sonic Intergalactic Journey
Super Mario & Sonic Intergalactic Journey
Mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong, Daisy, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, and Blaze are racing each other on the Mario Circuit track at night. Since Sonic and his friends are not allowed to race during the Grand Prix, this is the only time for them to challenge each other. Mario and Luigi are in their own carts, while Sonic are riding on their extreme gear riding on their extreme gear, to make it fair and all. Sonic and Mario both come in first place, while everyone follows after. They are about to start a new race when they look and see Bowser's airships and Dr. Eggman's fleet come out of a portal. They fly toward the castle where they begin to attack the toads and Peach's castle. The group immediately head off to the castle to stop them. But by the time they catch up to them, it's already to late for them to do anything. Bowser kidnaps Peach and her castle and Eggman helps them by attack the army of toads coming in. They group managed to get on the c
:iconchrislshack1998:ChrisLShack1998 1 0
The true height of Sonic the Hedgehog by ChrisLShack1998 The true height of Sonic the Hedgehog :iconchrislshack1998:ChrisLShack1998 3 0
Legends of Mobius (Characters Voice Actors)
Legends of Mobius
Characters and Voice Actors
Heroes of Mobius (H.O.M) *Each member of this team, except for Rook, has a power crystal. These crystals boost the attributes of each character.*
Sonic (Voiced by Sam Riegel)
AGE: 21
HEIGHT: 4’6”
WEIGHT: 82 lbs.
SPECIES: Hedgehog
CRYSTAL: Blue Diamond
BIO: Sonic is the leader of the Heroes of Mobius, a team dedicated to fighting the evil forces of Dr. Ivo Robotnik, and the fastest thing alive. He was originally a loner who fought on his own terms, but formed the team after he realized that he would need help. His blue diamond boosts his speed.
Miles ‘Tails’ Prower (Voiced by Jace Norman)
AGE: 18
HEIGHT: 4’1”
WEIGHT: 78 lbs.
ATTRIBUTES: Skill, speed
CRYSTAL: Yellow Amethyst
BIO: Tails is the brains and mechanic of the team. He can build any gadget that his team needs for every mission He can also fly be spinning his twin namesakes in unison. He and Sonic are best friends, and
:iconchrislshack1998:ChrisLShack1998 0 0
Map of Armonia by ChrisLShack1998 Map of Armonia :iconchrislshack1998:ChrisLShack1998 0 1 Map of Galinios by ChrisLShack1998 Map of Galinios :iconchrislshack1998:ChrisLShack1998 1 0 Legends of Mobius- Knuckles the Echidna by ChrisLShack1998 Legends of Mobius- Knuckles the Echidna :iconchrislshack1998:ChrisLShack1998 1 0 Legends of Mobius- Miles Tails Prower by ChrisLShack1998 Legends of Mobius- Miles Tails Prower :iconchrislshack1998:ChrisLShack1998 2 0 Legends of Mobius- Sonic the Hedgehog by ChrisLShack1998 Legends of Mobius- Sonic the Hedgehog :iconchrislshack1998:ChrisLShack1998 4 0 Mega-Man (My Version) by ChrisLShack1998 Mega-Man (My Version) :iconchrislshack1998:ChrisLShack1998 3 0
Melody/Mighty-Woman: Origins
Mighty-Woman: Origins
One day, XJ-9 aka Jenny Wakeman was flying over to a factory that had caught fire. When she got there, she was greeted by one of the foremen.
JENNY: What happened?
FOREMAN: An gas line burst and caught fire. Now the whole place is on fire. What’s worse is that there’s still three men trapped in there.
JENNY: Don’t worry. I’ll get ‘em out in no time.
She flew in, grabbed all three men, and flew back out. She dropped the other workers already were. Then, she went over to a nearby fire hydrant. She hooked one arm up to the hydrant, and turned her other arm into a nozzle. She began to spray water onto the fire, but it wasn’t enough. Then, two huge blasts of water crashed onto the burning factory. Jenny looked and saw a firefighting masteroid. Within a few minutes, the fire was out. The masteroid returned to his base. Then the three workers over to her.
WORKER: We just wanna say thanks for earlier.
JENNY: Oh. You’re welcome.
:iconchrislshack1998:ChrisLShack1998 0 0
LOG Kingdom Hearts: Rise of Anarchy (Chp. 1)
Legends of Galinios & Kingdom Hearts: The Rise of Anarchy
Chapter 1
The Villains Council were in the Villains Vale, trying to figure out why they lost to not only the heroes in each of their worlds, but to Sora and his friends as well.
MALEFICENT: I don’t understand what went wrong. We had the power and a very strong army, but we still lost.
URSULA: Indeed. We had the upper hand, and we came out on the bottom.
OOGIE: I tried everything to scare them all away, but nothing happened.
HADES: Well, let’s face it. You can’t even scare a newborn baby. In fact, it’ll probably scare you.
OOGIE: Hey, watch it, flame head!
HOOK: I used every trick in the pirate’s bag of secrets. And they still beat us.
URSULA: What tricks? You can’t even stop a little boy.
HOOK: At least I don’t smell like calamari.
JAFAR: It’s obvious why we lost.
HADES: Oh? You mean the fact that you and sack boy over here are unable to use magic?!
JAFAR: No, you fool
:iconchrislshack1998:ChrisLShack1998 0 0
TOTSR: Equestrian Escapades (Prologue)
Tales of the Sudrian Railways: Equestrian Escapades
One day, Thomas was pulling his average passenger train, the Ulfstead Express, along his branch line. He pulled into Elsbridge to let passengers get on and off. As he waited, Percy pulled up. He looked unhappy.
THOMAS: Hello, Percy. Is something wrong?
PERCY: Yes, there is. It’s that bridge back there. Everytime any of us cross it, it shakes very dangerously. I’m worried it’s going collapse one day.
EDDIE: Yeah. That would be bad.
HARRY: Especially if a passenger train crosses it while it goes down.
THOMAS: You’re right there, Harry.
JOE: Don’t worry. We’ll speak as soon reach Knapford order on the return run.
The bridge that they were referring to was the old Elsbridge Viaduct. It was one of the bridges on the island. It was last serviced in 1945 along with other places on Sodor to fix any damages from the second world war. Now, the bridge was falling apart. Everyday, it crumb
:iconchrislshack1998:ChrisLShack1998 1 0
Slash Blade BOOM! Profile by ChrisLShack1998 Slash Blade BOOM! Profile :iconchrislshack1998:ChrisLShack1998 0 0 Slash Blade BOOM! by ChrisLShack1998 Slash Blade BOOM! :iconchrislshack1998:ChrisLShack1998 1 0 BOOM! Sonic Profile by ChrisLShack1998 BOOM! Sonic Profile :iconchrislshack1998:ChrisLShack1998 0 0 BOOM! Sonic by ChrisLShack1998 BOOM! Sonic :iconchrislshack1998:ChrisLShack1998 2 1


What-If.SMBHOTS Meets Sonic Resurgence! by DrizzlyScroll1996 What-If.SMBHOTS Meets Sonic Resurgence! :icondrizzlyscroll1996:DrizzlyScroll1996 9 8 [SFM] Taken by RazeTheBeast [SFM] Taken :iconrazethebeast:RazeTheBeast 24 5 2017 Sonicsona by ToxicSoul77 2017 Sonicsona :icontoxicsoul77:ToxicSoul77 150 7 The Growing Mistress - Large in Lyon by expansion-fan-comics The Growing Mistress - Large in Lyon :iconexpansion-fan-comics:expansion-fan-comics 135 2 Commission: Super Tracy by DANMAKUMAN Commission: Super Tracy :icondanmakuman:DANMAKUMAN 154 14 Princess Luna: Moons (Alt. Color) by AcesRulez13
Mature content
Princess Luna: Moons (Alt. Color) :iconacesrulez13:AcesRulez13 155 9
Michelin Starred Chef by Aliessa Michelin Starred Chef :iconaliessa:Aliessa 178 15 Sodor's Darkest Year-The Sudrian Civil War of 1893 by MiscMischief48 Sodor's Darkest Year-The Sudrian Civil War of 1893 :iconmiscmischief48:MiscMischief48 53 31 The Rainbooms 3D Animation *50% Completed* by Fluttershy-ek The Rainbooms 3D Animation *50% Completed* :iconfluttershy-ek:Fluttershy-ek 12 15 [ART TRADE] Cream Containers by Snow-chanDA
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[ART TRADE] Cream Containers :iconsnow-chanda:Snow-chanDA 440 58
Two Balloons from One by Loner2000
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Two Balloons from One :iconloner2000:Loner2000 628 19
How to Sell Miracle Bras by expansion-fan-comics How to Sell Miracle Bras :iconexpansion-fan-comics:expansion-fan-comics 909 10 Breast Expansion Brew by expansion-fan-comics Breast Expansion Brew :iconexpansion-fan-comics:expansion-fan-comics 748 13 Expansion Elevator by expansion-fan-comics
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Expansion Elevator :iconexpansion-fan-comics:expansion-fan-comics 598 6
Jenny's Juggs by expansion-fan-comics
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Jenny's Juggs :iconexpansion-fan-comics:expansion-fan-comics 753 10
Implants with Inflating Interest by expansion-fan-comics Implants with Inflating Interest :iconexpansion-fan-comics:expansion-fan-comics 1,617 5
I think I discovered the true species that Sash Lilac from Freedom Planet is crossed between. I has reason to believe that she is part dog.

1. The first and most obvious one is that she has a dog-like tail. When I compared it to Milla's tail, they both look identical except for the change in color.

2. When she and Carol first meet Milla, Lilac almost instantly become attached to her. And when she is knocked out near the end, Lilac becomes saddened, believing she has died. Being a dog owner myself, I know that dogs often form lifelong friendships with each other and become depressed when they lose that friend.


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