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Animated Theories: Equestria Girls = Synthezoids.
Have you ever look at the characters in a certain show and asked "are they actually alive in their world?" And when most people here this, they think that they are possibly in purgatory. But when I applied this question the Equestria Girls franchise, I wasn't thinking about the idea of purgatory or the after life. I was thinking whether or not, the characters in the movies (and as of now specials) were biologically alive.
Now when people see this, they will possibly ask, how could I come up with such a insane thoery. Well, I'll show you how.
First, let's take a look at the portal itself. Looks like your average dimensional gateway, right. Well, what if it's not? Just because people say what something is, doesn't mean it actually is that something. So if it's not a portal, then what is it. Well, it could be some sort of memory transfer device powered by the magic from Equestria. This device could take the memory of a pony from Equestria and transfer it to a waiting synthezoid. And the s
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Mega-Man (My Version) by ChrisLShack1998 Mega-Man (My Version) :iconchrislshack1998:ChrisLShack1998 3 0
Melody/Mighty-Woman: Origins
Mighty-Woman: Origins
One day, XJ-9 aka Jenny Wakeman was flying over to a factory that had caught fire. When she got there, she was greeted by one of the foremen.
JENNY: What happened?
FOREMAN: An gas line burst and caught fire. Now the whole place is on fire. What’s worse is that there’s still three men trapped in there.
JENNY: Don’t worry. I’ll get ‘em out in no time.
She flew in, grabbed all three men, and flew back out. She dropped the other workers already were. Then, she went over to a nearby fire hydrant. She hooked one arm up to the hydrant, and turned her other arm into a nozzle. She began to spray water onto the fire, but it wasn’t enough. Then, two huge blasts of water crashed onto the burning factory. Jenny looked and saw a firefighting masteroid. Within a few minutes, the fire was out. The masteroid returned to his base. Then the three workers over to her.
WORKER: We just wanna say thanks for earlier.
JENNY: Oh. You’re welcome.
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LOG Kingdom Hearts: Rise of Anarchy (Chp. 1)
Legends of Galinios & Kingdom Hearts: The Rise of Anarchy
Chapter 1
The Villains Council were in the Villains Vale, trying to figure out why they lost to not only the heroes in each of their worlds, but to Sora and his friends as well.
MALEFICENT: I don’t understand what went wrong. We had the power and a very strong army, but we still lost.
URSULA: Indeed. We had the upper hand, and we came out on the bottom.
OOGIE: I tried everything to scare them all away, but nothing happened.
HADES: Well, let’s face it. You can’t even scare a newborn baby. In fact, it’ll probably scare you.
OOGIE: Hey, watch it, flame head!
HOOK: I used every trick in the pirate’s bag of secrets. And they still beat us.
URSULA: What tricks? You can’t even stop a little boy.
HOOK: At least I don’t smell like calamari.
JAFAR: It’s obvious why we lost.
HADES: Oh? You mean the fact that you and sack boy over here are unable to use magic?!
JAFAR: No, you fool
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Legends of Galinios (Characters and Voice Actors)
Legends of Galinios (Characters and Voice actors)
The Heroes of Mobius (H.O.M)
Sonic the Hedgehog (Voiced by Sam Riegel)
Sonic is a 20 year old Blue hedgehog. He is the Leader of the Heroes of Mobius, which protect the Mobian Hemisphere. He is also called the fastest thing alive, as no one has ever been able to rival his speed. He has the Blue Diamond, one of the seven power crystals. These crystals can tap into an energy source called momentium. Momentium is able to increase anyone’s natural abilities. Sonic’s crystal increases his speed and agility. For attire, Sonic wears;
• A Red and White sleeveless shirt,
• Blue jeans,
• Red, Silver and Gold shoes with parts that glow Cyan when crystal is active,
• White and Black gloves with Red and White cuffs,
• Dark Red scarf,
• Communicator on left arm,
• And a Gray gauntlet with the Blue diamond centered in a circular indentation on his right arm.
Miles “Tails” Prower (Voiced
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TOTSR: Equestrian Escapades (Prologue)
Tales of the Sudrian Railways: Equestrian Escapades
One day, Thomas was pulling his average passenger train, the Ulfstead Express, along his branch line. He pulled into Elsbridge to let passengers get on and off. As he waited, Percy pulled up. He looked unhappy.
THOMAS: Hello, Percy. Is something wrong?
PERCY: Yes, there is. It’s that bridge back there. Everytime any of us cross it, it shakes very dangerously. I’m worried it’s going collapse one day.
EDDIE: Yeah. That would be bad.
HARRY: Especially if a passenger train crosses it while it goes down.
THOMAS: You’re right there, Harry.
JOE: Don’t worry. We’ll speak as soon reach Knapford order on the return run.
The bridge that they were referring to was the old Elsbridge Viaduct. It was one of the bridges on the island. It was last serviced in 1945 along with other places on Sodor to fix any damages from the second world war. Now, the bridge was falling apart. Everyday, it crumb
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Legends of Galinios- Sonic the Hedgehog by ChrisLShack1998 Legends of Galinios- Sonic the Hedgehog :iconchrislshack1998:ChrisLShack1998 4 2 Slash Blade BOOM! Profile by ChrisLShack1998 Slash Blade BOOM! Profile :iconchrislshack1998:ChrisLShack1998 0 0 Slash Blade BOOM! by ChrisLShack1998 Slash Blade BOOM! :iconchrislshack1998:ChrisLShack1998 1 0 BOOM! Sonic Profile by ChrisLShack1998 BOOM! Sonic Profile :iconchrislshack1998:ChrisLShack1998 0 0 BOOM! Sonic by ChrisLShack1998 BOOM! Sonic :iconchrislshack1998:ChrisLShack1998 2 1 Gordon the Big blue engine by ChrisLShack1998 Gordon the Big blue engine :iconchrislshack1998:ChrisLShack1998 0 0 Edward the Blue Engine by ChrisLShack1998 Edward the Blue Engine :iconchrislshack1998:ChrisLShack1998 0 0 Thomas (My version) by ChrisLShack1998 Thomas (My version) :iconchrislshack1998:ChrisLShack1998 0 0
List of RWS and TV Series Things for You to Ponder
1. Thomas is not an LB&SCR E2. He is actually a modified version of this locomotive. When Lawson built him, he wanted to build something that would surpass the E2s. So he built Thomas and gave him the classification NWR T1, which was named after the North Western Railway, where he would be sent. You see Lawson planned the war time mix-up. Sir Bertram Topham Hatt ordered a LB&SCR E2 , but Thomas was sent instead. That way, he could be put to the test.
2. When Sir Nigel Gresley visited America, he met Hank, the PRR K4 Pacific. Hank's design was the inspiration for Gordon, the LNER A0, and the entire LNER A1/A3 class.
3. During the Great Depression, many of the Auxiliary engines were sold to help keep the railway running. Alfred/98462 was worried that he would be sokd for scrap, so he committed suicide by running himself into a train of oil tankers.
4. During the the 1940s, Thomas and Gordon were on loan to London to help with the war front.
5. When Dieselization occured, the railway was
:iconchrislshack1998:ChrisLShack1998 1 0
NWR Roster (As of 2016)
North Western Railway Roster (As of 2017)
Director: Miss Amelia Hatt
1. Harwick Branch Line
D1 “Daisy”(BR Class 101 Single unit)- Passenger engine
No. 41 “Ryan” (GNR Class N2)- Goods engine
No. 15 “Rosie” (SR USA Class)- Shunter
“Skiff” (Eastport pram with railway chassis)- Railboat tours
D22 “Hugo” (Rail Zeppelin)- Harwick Railship
A. Harwick, Ballaswein, & Cregwir Railway
HBCR No. 1 “Freddie” (Hunslet 2-6-2T)- Passenger engine
HBCR No. 2 “Ervin” (Kerr Stuart 0-6-0T)- Goods engine
2. Arlesburgh Branch Line
No. 8 “Montague/Duck” (GWR 57XX)- Little Western Autotrain engine
No. 11 “Oliver” (GWR 14XX)- Little Western passenger engine
No. 13 “Daniel” (GWR 51XX)- Mixed goods engine
No. 9 & 10 “Donald and Douglas” (NWR 812s)- Goods engines
D11 “Norman” (Bulleid Diesel prototype)- Shunter
A. Arlesdale Miniature Railway
AMR No. 1 “Bert
:iconchrislshack1998:ChrisLShack1998 2 0


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Marceline Bikini :iconlayerth:Layerth 373 4
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Rosalina Bikini IX :iconlayerth:Layerth 429 17
Rosalina Dakimakura by Sonicbluespeed Rosalina Dakimakura :iconsonicbluespeed:Sonicbluespeed 1,161 43
Season 1: 1915-1939
Season 2: 1946-1959
Season 3: 1960-1969
Season 4: 1970-1972
Season 5-16: 1973-1984
Season 17: 1985
Season 18: 1986
Season 19: 1987
Season 20: 1988
Season 21: 1989
Season 22: 1990


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